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Viva Southeast Texas magazine is a quarterly events and lifestyle magazine serving Southeast Texas and Southwestern Louisiana highlighting things to do, places to see, and filled with valuable offers from local businesses.

Viva Southeast Texas Magazine  is a quarterly events, lifestyle and activity magazine for Beaumont and all of Southeast Texas and Southwestern Louisiana. We recognize that businesses need an advertising vehicle that reaches a wide range of consumers…whether your target audience are tourists, business travelers or local residents (or in many cases, all three), display advertising in our magazine will reach all three audiences!

If you have ever traveled, on business or leisure, you know that being in a new city can be stressful. You are in town for a ‘reason’ and your schedule is busy, but you still have a lot of downtime. During your stay, you may need information on restaurants, shopping and things to do. Additionally, this consumer segment has money to spend…Get your share of it with Viva Southeast Texas!

Viva Southeast Texas Magazine  also reaches local residents through a multitude of local distribution outlets. This is one of the major reasons for the high production value of our publication. We know that local residents will pick up a magazine with stunning graphic components, photography, layouts, and articles of interest to their community…because it looks like something they ‘should have’ on their coffee-tables.

Southeast Texas is a rapidly growing and vibrant region. The region is made up of a diverse culture with many interesting people, places to see and things to do! Due to the nature of the business and commerce happening in the area, Southeast Texas is a major destination point for business travel. Advertising in our magazine with your message will generate response from Beaumont and all of Southeast Texas. Contact Viva Southeast Texas Magazine  today!

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